Sunday, May 1, 2011

Alien Raids


What's that? You couldn't get enough of Supermouse and Wonder Dog, the heroes of Invasion from Beyond!!? I understand. They're back.

Remember the setup: dorky kid around age twelve drawing comics. Nuff said.


Splash page: cover of Wonder Comics. It's Volume II of "The Alien Raids".

Yes. Volume II. And I don't have Volume I. So we'll be coming in at Chapter 4.

Outer space adventure, and coming in at Chapter 4. You're thinking Star Wars, aren't you? Well, this comic dates from about 1963, so that's not the inspiration. It's more like, George Lucas and me, great minds think alike.

Then I noticed that the page numbering starts with 20, so I guess there really was a lost Volume I.

Page 20: half blank, but with a summary of Volume I. If you need to imagine this crawling up against a background of stars, go ahead, but as you can see it's written in pencil on a field of yellow crayon.

Narration: What has gone before: Flying saucers and rays steal various objects. SM [Supermouse] goes inside flying saucer and escapes ; one alien asks the other if they should let him go, and the reply is yes. Wonder Dog and Wonder Pup have been helping all along. Now a strange light was reported, and SM finds a vacant alien city there ; it's in the Himalayas. He is stopped by a force barrier.

Narration: Now turn for Chapter Four.

Page 21: blank except for the words: Volume II.

Page 22:

Narration: In the Himalayas.
Supermouse: It's that same .. force barrier.

Supermouse: Let's examine.

Narration: Meanwhile.
Wonder Dog: I think that maybe Supermouse, with his X-ray vision, could look at me while I'm in a flying saucer!
Wonder Pup: Not a bad idea! But what will I do?

Wonder Dog: Want to come with me?

Wonder Pup: Sure!

Page 23:

Narration: After informing Supermouse.
Wonder Dog: Another saucer at the Dogville Planetarium!
Wonder Pup: Let's go!

Wonder Dog: We know this won't hurt it— but after SM attacked, they let him in.
Wonder Pup: Check.

Sounds: BAM. POW.
Voice in saucer: Looks like more visitors....
Another voice in saucer: But this time permanent!

Page 24:

Voice in saucer: Attention, Earth-being! Enter through the hatch! You will be anti-gravitized to let you float in air!
Wonder Dog: (chuckle)

Voice in saucer: Come.
Wonder Pup: This is something new!

Voice in saucer: Welcome, Wonder Dog!
Wonder Dog: How do you know us?
Voice in saucer: I know you personally.

Wonder Dog: Supercat!
Supercat: Yes, and Superkitten is still at the controls!

Page 25:

Supercat: Superkitten?! Who's at the controls?
Superkitten: Zorg!
Narration: So they're with aliens!

Supercat: And by the way, if you're counting on Supermouse, this thing is lead-lined!!
Wonder Dog: Really?

Narration: And true to SC...
Supermouse: I can't see through this!

Supermouse: The windows are coated with blue proconite! Anyone but me, a Proconian, can see thru it!

Supermouse: That's funny! Only a few people know of blue proconite!

Supermouse: Wait! What's that?
Sounds: Tap tap tap tap.

Page 26:

Narration: And inside Wonder Dog has done a plan!

Wonder Dog: Now that we're alone I'll do this!
Sounds: Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!

Narration: It's Morse Code for an S.O.S.! Will SM get the message? See Chapter 5!!

Don't worry. I have Chapter 5.

Page 20: I used a semicolon, twice. Whoa.

Page 23: I am happy with the perspective of panel 1, with the Wonder Plane and the landscape below. I must have copied that from somewhere. On the other hand, the bat-like wings of the Wonder Plane are less of a mystery.

Page 25: "Zorg", of course, has to be the name of an alien. Many aliens are named Zorg. And yet the narrator wanted to make sure we got that bit.

Also page 25: It looks like Supermouse used an interrobang in panel 6, but I think it's just a question mark changed to an exclamation point. This was drawn in pencil. Did I not have an eraser?

Page 26: "Done a plan"? Or "gone a plan"? Not "got a plan"? Yes, English is my native language. I cannot explain some things in this comic. I am also puzzled why the narration box seems to be a speech balloon pointing to three speakers, one of which is not even drawn in the panel. But there was no time to fix such petty details. There's Chapter 5 to draw.


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