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Invasion from Beyond!!


At the opening of every episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, sooner or later a ragged man called the "It's" Man comes staggering out from somewhere, looks at the camera, points, and struggles to get out the word "It's ...", only to be cut off by the opening credits. Similarly...

It's ... The Invasion from Beyond!!. This is a great comic I did when I was twelve. And this kid thinks she knows a few things. I'd like to see her do ... The Invasion from Beyond!!.

Don't ask me, "beyond what?". Don't ask me.


Splash page: cover of the July 1963 issue of Wonder Comics:

Supermouse: There goes the ray again!
Wonder Dog: It's fantastic!

Page 2:

Narration: In the secret home base of Wonder Dog...
Wonder Pup: How about some music, Wonder Dog?

Wonder Dog: OK. Switch it on.

Radio: Flash! This is a news bulletin! Three reports of flying saucers last night were confirmed this morning!

Radio: Following the report of a U F O, a pilot set out in a jet to investigate.

Radio narration: He picked up the trail.
Pilot: Pilot to base! Pilot to base! I see something!

Pilot: It's moving at an incredible speed! Wait! I see two more! And another!

Pilot: They're getting closer!

Page 3:

Pilot: I'll have a report on them in a sec. They seem to be a metallic blue sort of color. Their number is increasing.

Narrator: The radar screen told the men at the base their relative positions!
Base person: He's the plane-shaped one. Look at those saucers!!

Pilot: Pilot to base! I can see inside a window on one.. that face.. so ghastly!! Now the ship is glowing and humming! Some kind of ray—

Pilot: AAAAAA!

Base person: Base to pilot! Base to pilot! Are you all right?

Narrator: This is the scene in the radar room.
Base person: Look at that sky!

Narrator: Now a step by step view.

Page 4:

Narrator: When the pilot said, "I can see inside the window of one, etc"

Narrator: When he said, "It's glowing and humming!"

Narrator: And as for the time of the scream! —

Base person: They all left!

Radio: No one has any idea where the ships went! Any report will be sincerely appreciated! Now back to our regularly scheduled program!

Page 5:

Wonder Pup: Flying saucers now? What will they think up next? The last special announcement I heard was a soda commercial!
Wonder Dog: This isn't a commercial! This is real! C'mon, let's get going or Supermouse will beat us to it! He'll probably be there, you know!

Wonder Pup: By the way, where are we going? The news flash didn't say where it happened!
Wonder Dog: No, but that paper I was just reading did! I luckily happened to see an article on last night's reports! I didn't read it, but I noticed the date and town— Oceanport!

Narrator: Meanwhile, Wonder Dog's supposition that Supermouse came first is— right!
Supermouse: Wonder why the U S Jetport wants me?
Jetport person: Come on down, Supermouse! Have you got a story now!

Narrator: As Supermouse ends hearing the story...
Jetport person: From the radar screen, it appeared the ship disintegrated!
Supermouse: Hmm.

Page 6:

Supermouse: Well, I guess I'll go see if I can make anything out of it in the air! Could one of your pilots escort me there?
Jetport person: Certainly!

Narrator: Shortly...
Supermouse: So this is about the place?

Supermouse: I won't need you any more.

Supermouse: Hmm— There's some kind of odor in the air... my super-smell detects it!

Page 7:

Supermouse: That would be great— except that it's only here. That doesn't help! It only complicates things more!

Narrator: Let us leave Supermouse now and— no! In case you think you're switching back to Wonder Dog and Wonder Pup, you're wrong! — We'll go to Berkhart Island! This small island is a fishing resort... it's nine miles from shore, right near a fishing bank... for the members of a special club! There seems to be a commotion... let's look at the point of their interest— the SKY!
Person: Look!

Narrator: From the ship comes a ray...

Narrator: which makes the island glow and hum...

Narrator: a violent earthquake...

Page 8:

Narrator: and it vanishes!

Narrator: What is this? Who are these aliens? Where did they come from? Why do they do this? WHAT KIND OF SPACE NEIGHBORS ARE THESE? See Chapter TWO.


Wow! How was that? And that's only Chapter 1.

I don't think Ed Wood could do any better. And he was a professional.


Next time: Making a Subway Map XI... or Chapter 2?

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