Sunday, September 12, 2010

Invasion from Beyond!! part 2


The subway diagram is coming along. I have done most of the water features, and moved a few things around to make the water features look right. I put in ferries. The end is in sight.

My 9/11 post from last year is here. It has my photos from 1977 of views from the World Trade Center.

This year Ted Koppel wrote,
The goal of any organized terrorist attack is to goad a vastly more powerful enemy into an excessive response. And over the past nine years, the United States has blundered into the 9/11 snare with one overreaction after another.
. . .

[T]he insidious thing about terrorism is that there is no such thing as absolute security.
I was thinking of writing my thoughts about flying to England at the start of October 2001, and the expensive and invasive passenger screening Security Theater we have developed since that time, that has transformed air travel into an ordeal no one would have tolerated before. How much have the actions of nineteen people one day nine years ago changed life in America? Who won the battle of 9/11? But I'm just not into it.

Instead, let's shift from the tragic to the absurd. Because that's how life goes. It's... Invasion from Beyond!! part 2.


If you have any trouble following the storyline you might want to start at part 1. I'm not promising it will help. I was twelve, OK?

Page 9:

Narrator: Now to the Wondercar— It has left Dogville and is coming into the Oceanport Jetport...
Wonder Dog: Let's go to the base! I wonder if they have any clues as to the why of these raids!
Wonder Pup: If they do, I hope we can follow them up!

Wonder Dog: Think! Isn't there anything that the plane had that was valuable?
Jetport person: An aluminum plane, with copper wiring, and practically nothing else? What could be valuable?

Excited person: General! Special report from Berkhart Island! They say a flying saucer came in very close to the island—

Excited person: They said it emitted a ray— which made the island glow and the ground hum! They had a giant earthquake— then it ended abruptly!
Excited person: We sent out a plane which saw nothing!

Page 10:

Excited person: What was unusual was the very fact that he saw nothing! He didn't even see the island! Don't say his position was wrong— it wasn't!

Wonder Dog: Another disappearance!! Aha! What island was that? Berkhart?! First an aluminum plane now Berk— Berkhart Island?!

Wonder Dog: Of course! That's it! Berkhart Island's aluminum deposits! They're after aluminum!

Jetport person: They're after aluminum? Is disintegrating the latest way of doing it?

Wonder Dog: I wonder?

Page 11:

Narrator: Supermouse has heard with his super-hearing of the Berkhart Island disaster and is now airborne!
Supermouse: I wonder if there's any clues here!

Supermouse: Why there's one now! What's it watching?

Supermouse: It's going away now... I'd better follow.

Supermouse: Looks like it's headed for space! And fast!
Supermouse: Maybe it's leaving Earth!

Page 12:

Narrator: Soon in space.

Supermouse (thinking): Weatherchief I, a weather satellite!
Supermouse (thinking): It was launched by the Oceanport Weather Bureau in December, 1962. What does the spaceship want here?

Supermouse (thinking): There goes a ray!

(The satellite disappears)

Page 13:

Supermouse (thinking): I'll report this to the jetport... Say, where's that flying saucer?

Supermouse (thinking): It's not anywhere!

Narrator: Back at the jetport
Supermouse: And it just disappeared— some form of disintegration!
Jetport person: Wonder Dog was just here, Supermouse!

Jetport person: He connected the aluminum plane's disintegration with the aluminum on Berkhart Island.
Supermouse: They're after aluminum?

Supermouse: Come to think of it, that weather satellite was made of aluminum!

Page 14:

Narrator: And in the Wonder Plane
Wonder Pup: Where are we headed, Wonder Dog?
Wonder Dog: Berkhart Island— at least where Berkhart Island is supposed to be!

Wonder Pup: What's that up ahead? A flying saucer?
Wonder Dog: I hope not!

Wonder Dog: It's Supermouse!

Supermouse: That same smell— here and nowhere else— somehow I think I smelled it before this adventure!

Wonder Pup: Whew! What a smell, Wonder Dog!
Wonder Dog: I wonder if it's connected in any way with this case?

Narrator: What is this smell? Where did Supermouse smell it before? SEE CHAPTER 3.

I will not answer those questions now. You will find the answers some day, but not next week.

I think Supermouse switched from talking to himself on page 11 to thinking on page 12 because I knew he couldn't talk in space. I was so smart. But did I realize the low comedy inherent in Wonder Pup asking about a smell and Wonder Dog acting like he has no idea what it is? Probably not.



This Friday I am planning to do something I have never done, and I'm a little uncertain about it. If I don't chicken out entirely I will tell you how it went next week.

Subway diagram fans: Just hang in there. It will happen. And it will be good.

Next time:

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