Sunday, October 10, 2010

Invasion from Beyond!! part 3


I've revised the subway diagram twice since last week. First, I corrected the name of 46 St station in Queens, and capitalized the T in Tremont at a station in the Bronx. Second, I added the 14th Street Line to the list of lines in the map key, something no one noticed, and I added the letter and number symbols to the subway lines. I don't like the clutter of the letter and number symbols. I wanted to see how it looked. I am not sure what I will do.


But for now... it's... Invasion from Beyond!!

Page 15:

Narrator: Soon, Wonder Dog and Wonder Pup and Supermouse have a conference.
Wonder Dog: I wonder if it's really aluminum they're after! Maybe we can set a trap by putting some aluminum bricks somewhere and seeing if they go for it!
Supermouse: Hmm. That's not a bad idea! But I've got something to add to it!

Supermouse: Why can't I hide inside the pile of bricks? I can put a robot of me outside with you so it'll really look authentic!

Narrator: Soon bricks are unloaded on a hill...

Narrator: No one knows the pile is occupied!
Someone: Look— a saucer!

Supermouse robot: There goes the ray again!
Wonder Dog: It's fantastic!
Narrator: No one thinks that's a Supermouse robot!

Page 16:

Narrator: The pile vanishes— the ship takes off— but where is Supermouse?

Narrator: First a smell, then a feeling of hurtling through space.

Narrator: Suddenly he's back in the pile again— but wait! Isn't this scenery different?

Supermouse: O K— so where am I?

Space alien with four eyes: Welcome to Zonar, Supermouse! That "ray" is a space warp!

Supermouse: Hmm— I've got an idea!

Page 17:

Supermouse: I'm... uh... very... er... fascinated by your machine! Is there any main switch?
Space alien with four eyes: Yes, there is, but I'm not showing it to you! You'll probably wreck it!

Supermouse: Oh, s-u-r-e! I'll bet you're just making that up!
Space alien with four eyes: I am not!

Supermouse: Are too!
Space alien with four eyes: Am not!

Supermouse: Are too!

Space alien with four eyes: All right!!! I'll show it to you!!!!

Space alien with four eyes: Here it is!

Page 18:

Supermouse: Thanks!

Space alien with four eyes: Aaagh! What have I done?
[ CRASH! ]

Supermouse: This string sort of winds up this case!
Space alien with four eyes: Aak!
[ The space alien with four eyes is tied up. ]

Narrator: Later, on earth.
Supermouse: It turned out that that alien in charge was a criminal on that world! Aluminum, on Zonar, is as valuable as gold or a precious gem would be on earth!

Supermouse: The aluminum things— (the plane, the satellite, the pile of bricks, and Berkhart Island)— were returned by the officials on the planet. Wonder Dog, you and Wonder Pup might've smelled it with your dog sense of smell— that smell is always in the space-warp! I smelled it before when I once was space travelling through a warp!


And that's it.

The last page is not even colored. Somehow I had got tired of the story and wrapped it up with a lot of exposition. I don't know what happened. Wasn't this worth a few more pages?

I thought of drawing a new ending for you. I thought of asking my talented daughter to take it over and make us a better ending, and that would have beat anything I can do. But it's hard to top the exchange on page 17. "Am not!" "Are too!" And once you've got that, what else is there to do but just finish the thing and hope the reader will be glad you left them wanting more?


Oh my. This means I have to come up with something new and different next week. I warn you: I have more old comics. Tip of the iceberg here. But maybe I can do better.

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