Sunday, September 26, 2010

Making a Subway Map XIV


You won't believe this. I know I don't.

I think it's done.

Experience has taught me that when I think something is done, I should take another look at it, and find the silly mistakes. So I'm not actually putting it out yet.

But: here's your sneak peek.

The release will be a better quality image file than this.

There are a lot of small changes since last time. I can't even remember them all.

Adding the water led me to rearranging some lines along the shore.

The Rockaway line ended up going farther out to the right. Here's the before and after. Notice especially the Long Island Rail Road lines, and the lower position of J F K Airport.

And Staten Island changed again.

I'm getting tired of looking at the diagram.


  1. Bravo! It's a beautiful map- can't wait to see the high-resolution version! Please consider adding line numbers/letters in the key...

  2. Bravo indeed, but dont't forget the Ballpark station west (or north) of St. George on the Staten Island line.

  3. The ballpark station in Staten Island was eliminated in recent budget cuts.

  4. Nice job! Are you going to publish it in png format only, or will it also become available in svg, pdf or any other vector based format?

  5. I had an idea to draw a fictitious subway/rail map and found your blog while re4searching the idea. Thanks for the huge amount of information your provide in your posts.


  6. Beautiful! Where can I download the whole thing? Or are you going to sell it somehow?

  7. Great job! Is the finished product available?

    Thank you!


  8. The PDF map is at