Sunday, May 8, 2011

Alien Raids part deux


Go here to see the previous chapter. It's better than this one.

Page 28:

Supermouse: Morse Code! An S.O.S.!
Sounds: Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!

Supermouse: I have something!

Supermouse: This little thing! I worked out a force-screen anti-ray while examining that alien city!

Supermouse: Now let's hope it's the same kind of screen!

Page 29:

Supermouse: It is!

Supermouse: Well, in that case ——

Sounds: Crash!
Wonder Dog: That's music to my ears!

Supercat: What was that?

Supercat: Supermouse!

Supermouse: You? Oh, I'm prepared!

Page 30:

Supermouse: OW.
Supercat: So've I!
[Supermouse is knocked out. He has X eyes.]

Narration: And Supercat leaves.
Wonder Dog: He'd come prepared. Hmm.

Wonder Dog: I bet I know what's in here!
Wonder Pup: Ohhh!

Supermouse: Hey, wait!
Wonder Dog: Supermouse!

Supermouse: Hey! Stupidcat!
Supercat: You again?!

Supermouse: You'd better come quietly!

Page 31:

Supermouse: It tickled!
Sounds: Tap!
Supercat: It hurt me!

Supercat: Is— Is that—
Supermouse: Sure! Molybdenum!

Supermouse: Here! Take him to jail!!
Wonder Dog: O.K.!
Supercat: You!

Superkitten: I'm here!
Supermouse: So?

Page 32:

Supermouse: You always were weaker than me! You're only a kitten!
Sounds: Pow!
Superkitten: OW.

Supermouse: And you aliens— I'll repair the hole and you'll take off to space, you hear?

Alien: We were forced to commit crime. We have an Antaran system of government!
Supermouse: Antaren?

Supermouse: Is your heat giver (sun) Antares?
Alien: Yes.

Page 33:

Supermouse: They said they'd be back on a visit sometime!
Wonder Dog: I can't wait!

Narration: The End!! (of this)

Page 28: We established last time that Supermouse can't see through the walls or windows of the plane, but was there any reason he can't break through lead? It's softer than most metals. Panel 2, the closeup of his shapeless body, should show us a pocket or bag or something where he has "this little thing", but shows us nothing.

Page 30: "I'm prepared" (page 29) does not match the comeback here, "So've I!". Again, I stress, honestly, English is my native language. Because you might not believe it.

Page 31: Molybdenum? We might grant that the unknown "proconite" (see Chapter 4) is Supermouse's kryptonite, but really, Supercats lose their powers when they are near an ordinary element found on earth? No wonder Supermouse calls him Stupidcat.

Page 32: That poor kitten. Did I have something against cats when I was a kid? I don't remember any traumatic episodes. I like cats now.

Also page 32: No, Supermouse, he said Antaran, not Antaren. And why, Supermouse, do you think that somehow "heat giver" would be more understandable than "sun"? And for that matter how does their home planet's sun or their system of government force them to commit crimes? Maybe this was covered in Chapter 1 or 2 or 3.

Page 33: What a lame ending. And what else would it be the end of, younger self? One thing: the effect of the purple ray under the saucer is nice. It's not outlined in pencil.

I wonder what was on the next page before I tore it out.

I apologize for this comic. Chapter 4 was pretty good. But then this. I have worse childhood comic books. If I get desperate for material you will see them.

To make up for this I will give you another brief slice of life like I did in Comic with No Pictures. "Lindsay" will get this.

On Friday I got home first, because Helen goes to the gym after work. She's still half asleep when I leave in the morning, so when she came home, this was the first conversation we'd had all day.

Joe B: Hey! What's the name of Zorro's horse?

Helen (without hesitation): Toronado. Why?

I bet you want to know the rest of that story. But I understand the ideal in show biz is to leave them wanting more.


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