Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Jersey Terminals 3

Nobody noticed that I had the north-south PATH line in Jersey City out of place. I include myself in that statement. Before and after:

I had to fix it in all the maps I've started so far.

I decided also to make the widest line 6 points, not 8, which you can see at Hoboken Terminal. At 8 it was getting in the way of clarity.

The idea of showing light rail lines has snowballed into a Thing, because there are so many of them once I go back past 1945, and I have not already researched them at ten-year increments as I have done the mainline railroads. But I still like the idea and I am plodding along with it. It's taking a lot of time.

This is what part of 1935 looks like with all the street railways in:

Removing the background has its advantages:

That's also 1935. I think I'll leave the background, because it lets you match the lines to streets and landmarks, but the map without it has its minimalist beauty, doesn't it?

I already realize that I will not get the street railways exactly right, because of incomplete source material, but I'm going to get as close as I can.

I had a dream. I went down to the basement for something. Maybe I was doing the wash. When I got there, I found a bear in the basement. It wasn't a full grown bear, but it was pretty big. It didn't look exactly right and I realized it was a CGI bear. I still didn't like being down there with it, so I went back upstairs. I wasn't sure what to do. How did it get down there? I remembered there was a small window with a bad latch. That must be it. He pushed it and got in. I went outside and I found two men in uniform, who were looking around as if they'd lost something. One had a gun with a large barrel. I knew it was a dart gun. "Are you looking for a bear?" I asked them. Yes, they were. I told them it was in my basement. We started up the driveway so I could show them the window, but the bear was already coming out. It was squeezing itself through the little window, and when it got the last of its body out, it made a pop sound like a cartoon bear would do. It saw us and ran up the hill in the back yard, and the two men chased after it.

That was it. I woke up. What does it mean, doctor?


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