Monday, April 2, 2012

The End


Three years ago I decided it was time I did some new things.

The reason I started the blog was to write. I wanted to write different: short forms and new subjects. I kicked off with four stand-alone pieces, and then a multi-part story, from a person who never writes stories. Eventually I slipped into New York transit once in a while, but even those pieces were different: commentary on how I made subway maps, a close study of the Botanical Gardens elevated station, and captions to a great series of elevated railway photographs that came my way thanks to an anonymous donor. It was a good run.

In case you ever wondered which pieces have had the most page views, here they are in order from the top:
Making a Subway Map (May 2010)
Subway Map (February 2010)
Beach Train (May 2009)
Riding the El (November 2010)
Botanical Garden (August 2009)
Amiable Child (April 2009)

Once I felt the blog was new and different. Now it's become old and tedious. It's a job I don't want any more. I have been missing other things in order to steal time to write the blog. That's not right.

What I like about the blog: Comments. This feature was especially strong for the Botanical Gardens and Riding the El pages. I'd like to do more of that.

What I don't like: Organization. With no structure it's too hard to find things. Google has a search strategy mindset but the labels just don't cut it. And showing posts newest-first order wrecks anything written as a series.

So this is it.

I will leave everything here until I can collect the contents into a better web site. If I can find a way to have both good organization and open comments that is what I will do. It will take some time to arrange.

See you around the web.

— Joe Brennan


  1. Although I'm sorry to hear that this is the end of the line, I understand.

    Thanks for everything you've posted.

  2. Have to agree with TSoW - thanks. I don't think I've missed an entry and have enjoyed (almost :) all of them.

    *sigh* ... no more Runner Girl ...


  3. I am going to try a Mystery Photo Blog at ""

  4. Thanks for all the fish.

  5. Joe, did you forget about the New Jersey Terminals project?

  6. I didn't comment too often, but I loved the posts. Good luck on your new endeavors.

  7. Crap. I keep checking back hoping this was an April Fool, but alas ...


  8. Michael D, NewarkMay 20, 2012 at 9:04 PM

    What a treasure trove! Sorry I only just discovered it. Bookmarked though to be explored and relished in good time. I was born in Paterson, the greatest little city in the world, and really love the old falls pics, many of which I've never seen before. All the best Joe and may you return to this worthy endeavor one day soon. Thank You!

  9. I have really enjoyed it. My favorite was about the Crooked Brook. What a fun trip through Maplewood and through time. Thanks for writing.

  10. I read a bunch of your blog entries a few years ago and really enjoyed them. I was at Columbia in roughly the same era and they brought back memories. And I just now happened to be thinking of the old Moon Palace and did a google search which brought up your blog entry on that great, long gone place. Thanks for taking the time to write about it all!

  11. I made a video about the Bronx Park Extension with Fordham Prep teachers in October 2016.

  12. I made a video about the Bronx Park Extension with Fordham Prep teachers in October 2016.

  13. And in the end
    the love [one] takes
    is equal to the love [one] makes...