Sunday, February 27, 2011

Signs of Life


Signs of Life : or, Post 100


Hyacinth : You do not push aside last year's cast off leaves with your new green life / but push through / Emerging a surprise from under cloak of snow.

Marsh Marigold : Coming up from your green beads under the soil / soon carpeting the ground with yellow star flowers before the trees overshade you / only to turn to dust as summer comes, and wait again.

Daffodil : I garden only as a clown, tripping over rocks on hills / when all at once I saw you there, you sprouting daffodils / challenging my words' worth.

Snowdrops : The first bulb to flower, small and hiding yourself in the back lot / lost among the brown leaves and ivy / waiting for someone to notice when you set out your hanging white flowers.

Feverfew : You never die back, no matter the snow, and flourish in the crack between pavement and wall / Some take your leaves for herbs / Some would remove you from here.

Rhododendron : Broken to pieces by storms a year ago and your remnant bent by this year's snows / what we left standing in hope held its buds all winter / You look like summer on a sunny winter's day.

Laughing : Your cement body shattered / we have said we will discard you / You sit by the symbol of fertility and life, laughing.


All photos taken on the property, January 26, 2011.  Words inspired by SHolsted.


  1. Thanks for a bright post on such a grey day! The feverfew pic is my favorite. I was struggling for words today, but you've inspired me. Thanks for seeing... ~SHolsted

  2. Erratum. The first picture is really daffodil. We have hyacinth coming up a few feet away and I used the wrong image of shoots coming through dead leaves. Imagine it. Hyacinth is a little more yellow green and a little more pointy.

    Update. Snowdrop is in flower, and a little taller, one week later.