Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dog and Christmas


My dad's holiday dog says Merry Christmas!

I know, he's still wearing the black Pilgrim hat. It looks like he's saying "Christmas is serious business".

When we cleared out my father's place, we found the box with the dog's hats and signs, but the Santa hat was missing. I thought several times that Helen and I should make him a red hat, but we never got around to it. Sorry.

This is not an old family tradition. Where my dad lived, a lot of people had a small table outside their apartment door with an objet d'kitsch, and I think he wanted to participate. Thus the dog. We never had a real dog and never wanted one. But if I was looking diligently through mail-order catalogs for something to put outside my door, I don't think I could do better than this. You can tell why I claimed the dog. It's funny my brothers and sisters did not ask for it.

There it is. The traditional fake tree, making its second appearance in as many years.

It looks like the tree sprouted from the books and art, doesn't it? It's organic. I'm happy the cats have not knocked it over yet. They keep sniffing at the low-hanging ornaments but they've been pretty good about it. The two things standing at the base of the tree have gone down a couple of times. That's all.

Look what was in the tree box. I never sent in the warranty card to American Tree and Wreath on Jingle Bell Lane, West Coxsackie NY. I just checked— that's a real address and they're still there! Anyway this particular tree has long outlived its five year warranty. I bought it for Helen and me at Woolworth's in 1973.

Here are some blurry photographs. I'm really short on time this weekend so I didn't go get the tripod out and set up better ones.

Here are some close-up photos. In these photos I want to convey the feel of getting up on Christmas and running to the tree with sleepy eyes. This is my artistic impression of how it looks.


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